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Word Definition
AbsorptiometerInstrument for measuring solubility of gases in liquids
AccelerometerInstrument for measuring acceleration or vibrations
AcetimeterInstrument for measuring strength of vinegar
AcidimeterInstrument for measuring concentration of acids
ActinographInstrument used to calculate time of photographic exposure
ActinometerInstrument for measuring incident radiation
AerometerInstrument for measuring weight or density of gas
AethrioscopeInstrument for measuring temperature variations due to sky conditions
AlcoholometerInstrument for measuring proportion of alcohol in solutions
AlcovinometerInstrument to measure strength of wine
AlgometerInstrument for measuring sensitivity to pain
AlkalimeterInstrument for measuring strength of alkalines
AltimeterInstrument for measuring altitude
AmmeterInstrument for measuring electrical current
AnemographInstrument for measuring pressure and velocity of wind
AnemometerInstrument for measuring wind velocity
AreometerInstrument used for measuring specific gravity
ArthroscopeInstrument for examining interior of a joint
AtmometerInstrument for measuring evaporating capacity of air
AudiometerInstrument for measuring acuity of hearing
AuriscopeInstrument for examining the ear
AuxanometerInstrument for measuring growth of plants
AuxometerInstrument for measuring magnifying power
BallistocardiographInstrument for detecting body movements caused by heartbeat
BarographInstrument for recording air pressure
BarometerInstrument for measuring air pressure
BathymeterInstrument for recording contours of deep oceans
BathythermographInstrument for recording water temperature as compared to depth
BolometerInstrument for measuring radiant energy or infrared light
BronchoscopeInstrument for examining the windpipe
CalorimeterInstrument for measuring absorbed or evolved heat
CardiographInstrument for recording movements of the heart
CathetometerInstrument for measuring short vertical distances
CeilometerInstrument for measuring height of cloud ceiling above earth
CeraunographInstrument for recording thunder and lightning
ChlorometerInstrument for measuring amount of chlorine in a solution
ChromatographInstrument for performing chromatographic separations
ChromatoptometerInstrument measuring eyes' sensitivity to colour
ChronographInstrument for recording the moment of an event
ChronometerInstrument for measuring time
ChronoscopeInstrument for measuring very short time intervals
ClinometerInstrument used to measure slopes and elevations
CoercimeterInstrument for measuring coercive force
ColonoscopeInstrument for viewing the colon
ColorimeterInstrument for measuring and determining color
ColposcopeInstrument for viewing the neck of the uterus
CoronagraphInstrument for viewing the corona of the sun
CoulombmeterInstrument for measuring electric charge
CoulometerInstrument measuring amount of substance released in electrolysis
CraniometerInstrument for measuring the skull
CratometerInstrument for measuring power of magnification
CrescographInstrument for measuring the growth of plants
CryometerInstrument for measuring low temperatures
CryoscopeInstrument for determining freezing points of substances
CyanometerInstrument for measuring blueness of the sky or ocean
CyclographInstrument for describing arcs of circles without compasses
CyclometerInstrument for measuring revolutions of a wheel
CymographInstrument for tracing the outline of mouldings
CymometerInstrument for measuring frequency of electrical waves
CystoscopeInstrument for examining the bladder
CytometerInstrument for counting cells
DecelerometerInstrument for measuring deceleration
DeclinometerInstrument for measuring magnetic declination
DendrometerInstrument for measuring trees
DensimeterInstrument for measuring closeness of grain of a substance
DensitometerInstrument for measuring optical or photographic density
DiagometerInstrument for measuring electrical conductivity
DiagraphInstrument for enlarging or projecting drawings
DiaphanometerInstrument for measuring the transparency of air
DichroscopeInstrument for examining crystals for dichroism
DiffractometerInstrument for determining structure of crystal through light diffraction
DilatometerInstrument for measuring expansion
DioptometerInstrument for measuring focus or refraction of the eyes
DipleidoscopeInstrument for measuring moment when an object passes a meridian
DiplographInstrument for writing two lines of text at once
DosimeterInstrument for measuring dose of radiation
DromometerInstrument for measuring speed
DrosometerInstrument for measuring dew
DurometerInstrument for measuring hardness of substances
DynamographInstrument for recording mechanical forces
DynamometerInstrument for measuring mechanical force
EbullioscopeInstrument for measuring boiling point of liquids
EffusiometerInstrument for comparing molecular weights of gases
EidographInstrument for copying drawings
ElatrometerInstrument for measuring gaseous pressure
ElectrocardiographInstrument for recording unusual electrical fluctuations of the heart
ElectrodynamometerInstrument for measuring electrical current
ElectroencephalographInstrument for measuring the brain's electrical impulses
ElectrographInstrument for recording electrical potential
ElectrometerInstrument for measuring electrical potential
ElectromyographInstrument for diagnosing neuromuscular disorders
ElectroretinographInstrument for measuring electrical activity in the retina
ElectroscopeInstrument for detecting electrical charges in the body
EllipsographInstrument for describing ellipses
EncephalographInstrument for recording brain images
EndoscopeInstrument for visualizing interior of a hollow organ
EndosmometerInstrument for measuring osmosis into a solution
EpidiascopeInstrument for projecting images of objects
EpiscopeInstrument for projecting images of opaque objects
ErgographInstrument for measuring and recording muscular work
ErgometerInstrument for measuring work performed
EriometerInstrument for measuring very small diameters
EudiometerInstrument for measuring air purity
EvaporimeterInstrument for measuring rate of evaporation
ExtensometerInstrument for measuring deformation in object due to forces applied
FathometerInstrument for measuring underwater depth using sound
FiberscopeInstrument using fiberoptics to examine inaccessible areas
FloriscopeInstrument for inspecting flowers
FlowmeterInstrument for measuring properties of flowing liquids
FluorimeterInstrument for measuring fluorescence
FluoroscopeInstrument using x-rays to examine internal structure of opaque object
FocimeterInstrument for measuring focal length of a lens
GalactometerInstrument for measuring specific gravity of milk
GalvanometerInstrument for measuring electrical current
GalvanoscopeInstrument for detecting presence and direction of electric current
GasometerInstrument for holding and measuring gases
GastroscopeInstrument for examining interior of the stomach
GeothermometerInstrument for measuring subterranean temperatures
GoniometerInstrument for measuring angles between faces
GradiometerInstrument for measuring gradient of a physical quantity
GravimeterInstrument for measuring variations in gravitational fields
GyrographInstrument for counting a wheel's revolutions
HaptometerInstrument measuring sensitivity to touch
HarmonographInstrument drawing curves representing vibrations
HarmonometerInstrument measuring harmonic relations of sounds
HelicographInstrument for drawing spirals on a plane
HeliographInstrument for measuring intensity of sunlight
HeliometerInstrument for measuring apparent diameter of the sun
HelioscopeInstrument for observing sun without injury to the eyes
HemacytometerInstrument for counting blood cells
HippometerInstrument to measure height of horses
HodoscopeInstrument for tracing paths of ionizing particles
HydrometerInstrument for measuring specific gravity of liquids
HydroscopeInstrument for viewing under water
HydrotimeterInstrument for measuring water hardness
HyetographInstrument for recording rainfall
HyetometerInstrument for measuring rainfall
HyetometrographInstrument for recording rainfall
HygrographInstrument for recording variations in atmospheric humidity
HygrometerInstrument for measuring air moisture
HygroscopeInstrument for displaying changes in air humidity
HypsometerInstrument for measuring height of trees through triangulation
IconometerInstrument for finding size of object by measuring its image
IdiometerInstrument for measuring motion of observer in relation to transit of the heavens
InclinometerInstrument for measuring inclination to the horizontal of an axis
InterferometerInstrument for analysing spectra of light
IriscopeInstrument for exhibiting the prismatic colours
KatathermometerInstrument for measuring the cooling power of air
KatharometerInstrument measuring changes in composition of gases
KeratometerInstrument for measuring curvature of the cornea
KeraunographInstrument for recording distant thunderstorms
KinetoscopeInstrument for producing curves by combination of circular movements
KonimeterInstrument measuring amount of dust in air
KoniscopeInstrument for measuring dust in air
KymographInstrument for recording fluid pressure
LabidometerInstrument for measuring size of the head of a fetus
LactometerInstrument for testing relative density of milk
LactoscopeInstrument for measuring purity or richness of milk
LanameterInstrument for measuring quality of wool
LaparoscopeInstrument for viewing interior of peritoneal cavity
LaryngoscopeInstrument for examining interior of the larynx
LeptometerInstrument for measuring oil viscosity
LoxodographDevice used to record ship's travels
LucimeterInstrument for measuring light intensity
LuxmeterInstrument for measuring illumination
LysimeterInstrument for measuring percolation of water through soil
MagnetographInstrument for recording measurements of magnetic fields
MagnetometerInstrument for measuring intensity of magnetic fields
ManometerInstrument for measuring pressure of a liquid or gas
MarigraphInstrument for recording tide levels
MecometerInstrument for measuring length
MegameterInstrument for determining longitude by observing stars
MegascopeInstrument for projecting an enlarged image
MeldometerInstrument for measuring melting points of substances
MeteorographInstrument recording a variety of meteorological observations
MethanometerInstrument for detecting presence of methane
MicrobarographInstrument for recording minute changes in atmospheric pressure
MicrocalorimeterInstrument for measuring tiny quantities of heat
MicrographInstrument used to write on a very small scale
MicrometerInstrument for measuring very small distances
MicronometerInstrument for measuring short periods of time
MicroscopeInstrument for magnifying small objects
MicroseismographInstrument for recording small or distant earthquakes
MicroseismometerInstrument for measuring small or distant earthquakes
MileometerInstrument for recording distance travelled in miles
MilliammeterInstrument for recording very small electrical currents
MyographInstrument for recording muscular contractions
MyringoscopeInstrument for viewing the eardrum
NephelometerInstrument for measuring cloudiness
NephographInstrument for photographing clouds
NephoscopeInstrument for observing direction and velocity of clouds
NitrometerInstrument for measuring nitrogen and its compounds
OdographOdometer; instrument for measuring distance travelled
OdometerInstrument for measuring distance travelled
OdontographInstrument for obtaining curves for gear-teeth
OenometerInstrument for measuring alcoholic strength of wine
OhmmeterInstrument for measuring electrical resistance
OleometerInstrument for measuring amount of oil in a substance
OlfactometerInstrument measuring intensity of odour of a substance
OncometerInstrument measuring change in size of internal organs
OncosimeterInstrument measuring variations in density of molten metal
OndographInstrument measuring change in wave formations of electricity
OometerInstrument for measuring eggs
OpacimeterInstrument for measuring opacity
OpeidoscopeInstrument for illustrating sound by means of light
OphthalmometerInstrument for measuring the eye
OphthalmoscopeInstrument for viewing the interior of the eye
OpisometerInstrument for measuring curved lines
OpsiometerInstrument for testing vision
OptometerInstrument for testing vision
OrchidometerInstrument for measuring the size of the testicles
OscillographInstrument for recording alternating current wave forms
OscillometerInstrument for measuring ship's rollings
OscilloscopeInstrument for detecting electrical fluctuations
OsmometerInstrument for measuring osmotic pressure
OtoscopeInstrument for examining the ear
PachymeterInstrument for measuring small thicknesses
PallographInstrument measuring ship's vibration
PantochronometerCombined sundial and compass
PantographInstrument for copying drawing to a different scale
PassimeterInstrument for issuing automatic tickets
PedometerInstrument for measuring distance travelled on foot
PeirameterInstrument measuring resistance of road surfaces to wheel movement
PelvimeterInstrument for measuring the pelvis
PenetrometerInstrument for measuring firmness or consistency of substances
PermeameterInstrument for measuring permeability
PhacometerInstrument for measuring lenses
PhaometerOld instrument for measuring light intensity
PharmacometerInstrument for measuring drugs
PharyngoscopeInstrument for inspecting the pharynx
PhonautographInstrument for recording sound vibrations
PhonendoscopeDevice which amplifies small sounds
PhonometerInstrument for measuring sound levels
PhorometerInstrument used to correct abnormalities in eye muscles
PhotometerInstrument for measuring light intensity
PhotopolarimeterInstrument for measuring intensity and polarization of reflected light
PhototachometerInstrument for measuring the speed of light
PhototelegraphInstrument for transmitting drawings telegraphically
PhthongometerInstrument measuring intensity of vowel sounds
PiezometerInstrument for measuring pressure or compressibility
PitchometerInstrument for measuring angles of ship's propeller blades
PlanigraphInstrument for copying drawings at a different scale
PlanimeterInstrument for measuring area of plane figures
PlatometerInstrument for measuring area; planimeter
PlegometerInstrument for measuring the strength of a blow
PlemyrameterInstrument for measuring variations in water level
PlethysmographInstrument for measuring change in body part size due to blood flow
PluviographSelf-registering rain gauge
PneometerInstrument that measures respiration
PneumatometerInstrument for measuring quantity of air breathed
PneumographInstrument for measuring and recording respiration
PolarimeterInstrument for measuring polarised light
PolariscopeInstrument for detecting polarized light
PolygraphInstrument for measuring small changes in pulse and respiration
PorometerInstrument for measuring degree of porosity
PoroscopeInstrument for investigating porosity
PotentiometerInstrument for measuring electromotive forces
PotometerInstrument measuring rate at which plants absorb water
PrisoptometerInstrument for measuring degree of astigmatism
ProctoscopeInstrument for examining the rectum
PsophometerInstrument measuring audible interference of electrical current
PsychographInstrument that supposedly records spirit messages
PsychrometerInstrument for measuring air moisture or temperature
PsychrometerInstrument for measuring dryness of the atmosphere
PulsimeterInstrument for measuring the pulse
PycnometerInstrument for measuring specific gravity or density
PyknometerInstrument for measuring specific gravities
PyranometerInstrument measuring solar radiation from the sky's whole hemisphere
PyrgeometerInstrument for measuring radiation from earth
PyrheliometerInstrument for measuring heating effect of sun
PyrometerInstrument for measuring very high temperatures
PyroscopeInstrument for measuring intensity of radiant heat
QualimeterApparatus for measuring penetrating power of X-ray beams
QuantimeterApparatus for measuring quantity of X-rays
QuantometerInstrument for measuring proportions of elements in metallic samples
RachiometerInstrument for measuring the spine
RadarscopeInstrument for detecting radar signals
RadiogoniometerInstrument for finding direction through radio signals
RadiometeorographInstrument for measuring atmospheric conditions at high altitude
RadiometerInstrument measuring radiation energy
RadioscopeInstrument for viewing objects using X-rays
RatemeterInstrument for measuring counting rate of electronic counters
RecipiangleOld instrument with two arms used for measuring angles
ReflectometerInstrument for measuring reflectance of radiant energy
RefractometerInstrument measuring refraction of light
RespirometerInstrument for measuring and studying respiration
RetinoscopeInstrument for measuring and viewing the retina
RheometerInstrument that measures current
RhinoscopeInstrument for examining the nose
RhythmometerInstrument for measuring speed of rhythms
RiometerInstrument for measuring absorbed cosmic radio waves
RotameterOld instrument for measuring length of curved lines
RotameterInstrument consisting of glass tube with free float for measuring liquid flow
SaccharimeterInstrument for measuring amount of sugar in a solution
SalinometerInstrument for measuring amount of salt in a solution
ScintillometerInstrument measuring scintillation of star
ScintilloscopeInstrument for measuring gamma rays emitted by a radioactive body
SclerometerInstrument measuring hardness
ScoliometerInstrument measuring curvature
ScotographInstrument for writing without seeing
ScotoscopeInstrument for detecting objects in darkness
SeismographInstrument for recording earthquakes
SeismometerInstrument for measuring earthquake intensity
SeismoscopeInstrument for detecting earthquakes
SelenoscopeInstrument for viewing the moon
SensitometerInstrument for measuring sensitivity of photographic material
SepometerInstrument for measuring septic matter in the air
SerimeterInstrument for testing quality of silk
ShuftiscopeInstrument used to explore interior of dysentery case
SiccimeterInstrument for measuring liquid evaporation
SideroscopeInstrument using magnets to detect presence of iron
SigmoidoscopeInstrument for examining the interior of the rectum and sigmoid colon
SillometerInstrument measuring speed of ship
SkiascopeInstrument for measuring eye's refraction from movement of shadows
SnooperscopeInstrument for viewing infrared radiation
SolarimeterInstrument for measuring solar radiation
SonographInstrument for recording and analysing sound
SpectrofluorimeterInstrument for measuring and recording fluorescence spectra
SpectrographInstrument for viewing a spectrum
SpectroheliographInstrument for taking pictures of the sun
SpectroheliokinematographCamera for taking pictures of the sun
SpectrohelioscopeInstrument for viewing solar disc in light of a single wavelength
SpectrometerInstrument measuring wavelengths of light of a spectrum
SpectrophotometerInstrument for measuring speed of different parts of light spectrum
SpectroscopeInstrument for forming spectra by dispersing rays of light
SpeedometerInstrument for measuring velocity
SpherometerInstrument measuring curvature
SphygmographInstrument for recording pulse
SphygmomanometerInstrument for measuring arterial blood pressure
SphygmometerInstrument for measuring arterial blood pressure
SphygmoscopeInstrument for making arterial pulsations visible
SpinthariscopeInstrument for visually detecting alpha particles
SpirographInstrument recording movements of breathing
SpirometerInstrument measuring lung capacity
StactometerPipette with hollow bulb for counting drops
StadiometerInstrument for measuring the length of a curved line
StagmometerInstrument for measuring number of drops in volume of liquid
StalagmometerInstrument for measuring surface tension by drops
StatoscopeInstrument for measuring small changes in atmospheric pressure
StauroscopeInstrument for studying structure of crystals with polarised light
StenometerInstrument for measuring distances
StereometerInstrument for measuring specific gravity
StereoscopeInstrument for viewing special three-dimensional photographs
StethometerInstrument measuring chest expansion during breathing
StethoscopeInstrument for detecting sounds produced by the body
StrabismometerInstrument measuring degree of squinting
StrabometerInstrument for measuring strabismus in the eyes
StroboscopeInstrument for studying motion using flashes of light
StylometerInstrument for measuring columns
SwingometerInstrument for measuring swing in votes during an election
SympiesometerInstrument for measuring pressure of a current
SynchroscopeInstrument for detecting whether two moving parts are synchronized
TacheometerInstrument for rapidly measuring survey points on a map
TachistoscopeInstrument for rapidly showing images on a screen to test perception
TachographInstrument for recording speed of rotation
TachometerInstrument for measuring speed of rotation
TaseometerInstrument for measuring stress in a structure
TasimeterInstrument for measuring changes in pressure
TaximeterInstrument for measuring fee for hired vehicle
TelemeterInstrument for measuring strain or distance from observer
TelescopeInstrument for viewing objects at great distances
TelespectroscopeInstrument for analysing radiation omitted by distant bodies
TelestereoscopeInstrument for viewing distant objects stereoscopically
TellurometerInstrument using microwaves to measure distance
TenderometerInstrument for measuring tenderness of fruits and vegetables
TensimeterInstrument for measuring vapour pressure
TensiometerInstrument for measuring tension
ThalassometerInstrument for measuring tides
ThermographInstrument for recording changes in temperature
ThermometerInstrument for measuring temperature
ThermometrographInstrument for recording changes in temperature
ThermoscopeInstrument indicating change in temperature
ThoracoscopeInstrument for viewing the thorax and chest wall
TiltmeterInstrument for measuring tilting of earth's surface
TocodynamometerInstrument for measuring uterine contractions during childbirth
TomographInstrument for viewing section of an object using X-rays
TonometerInstrument measuring pitch of musical tones
TopophoneInstrument to determine direction and distance of a fog-horn
TorsiographInstrument for recording torsional vibrations on an object
TransmissometerInstrument for measuring transmission of light through a fluid
TrechometerInstrument for determining distance travelled; odometer
TremographInstrument for recording involuntary muscular motion
TribometerInstrument measuring friction
TrigonometerInstrument for solving triangles
TrocheameterInstrument counting wheel's revolutions
TromometerInstrument for measuring slight earthquake shocks
TropometerInstrument measuring rotation
TurbidimeterInstrument for measuring turbidity of liquids
TurgometerInstrument for measuring turgidity
TyphlographInstrument to help the blind write clearly
UdometerInstrument for measuring rainfall
UltramicroscopeInstrument for viewing extremely small objects
UrethroscopeInstrument for viewing the interior of the urethra
UrinometerInstrument for measuring specific gravity of urine
VaporimeterInstrument for measuring vapour pressure
VariometerInstrument for measuring magnetic declination
VelocimeterInstrument for measuring velocity
VelometerInstrument for measuring speed of air
ViameterInstrument for measuring revolutions of a wheel
VibrographInstrument for recording vibrations
VibrometerInstrument for measuring vibrations
ViscometerInstrument for measuring viscosity
VisometerInstrument for measuring focal length of the eye
VoltameterInstrument for measuring electrical current indirectly
VoltmeterInstrument for measuring electrical potential
VolumenometerInstrument for measuring volume of a solid
VolumeterInstrument for measuring volume of a liquid or gas
WattmeterInstrument for measuring electrical power
WavemeterInstrument for measuring wavelengths
WeatherometerInstrument for measuring weather-resisting properties of paint
XanthometerInstrument for measuring colour of sea or lake water
XylometerInstrument measuring specific gravity of wood
ZymometerInstrument for measuring fermentation
ZymosimeterInstrument for measuring fermentation