A new broom sweeps clean A person newly appointed is always eager and enthusiastic in his work.
A nod is as good as a wink A hint or suggestion can be accepted and acted upon without further elaboration.
The nail that sticks out gets pounded People who stand out in a group because they are different or because they raise questions, issues are quickly pressured into conforming with the rest of the group
The nearer the bone, the sweeter the meat The closer you get to your goal or objective, the more thrilled or excited you get
Nature, time and patience are three great physicians   The goodness of nature, time and being patient can bring healing      
Necessity is the mother of invention When a person is in great need of something, he will find a way of getting it.
Never do things by halves One should not do an incomplete or imperfect job - certain tasks must not be left half done; they must be done away with immediately.
Never fall out with your bread and butter Do not quarrel with the people who pay you your salary or with your customers
Never give advice unless asked Do not assume that people need your help or that you have all the answers to help them, it is better to wait until you are asked for help      
Never let the right hand know what the left hand is doing  Be discreet in all you do, do not tell others your deeds, especially your good deeds    
Never put off till tomorrow what you can do today Do not delay doing tasks and assignments
Never say die Never give up      
Never say never Always leave room for change
Never speak ill of the dead Do not talk badly about the departed
( It is ) never too late to repent
   It is never too late to say you are sorry, and to change your ways      
(One is) never too old to learn There is no age limit to acquiring knowledge
Never trouble trouble till trouble troubles you Do not go looking for trouble      
( A ) nimble sixpence is better than a slow shilling  A capable person, even if he is slow or not well qualified, is more valuable than an inefficient person who may be highly qualified      
No man can serve two masters You can only be faithful to one boss, leader etc
No man is an island Everyone needs the companionship of others
No man is content with his lot Most people seem to be dissatisfied with what they have, and want other things  
No man is indispensable  No man is so useful to others that people cannot do without him
No money, no justice
 In a corrupt legal system, you can bribe lawyers and judges to win a case for you
No news is good news When there is no news, it is likely that everything is all right.
No pain, no gain You must be ready to make sacrifices to get what you want badly  
No revenge is more honorable than the one not taken lips sink ships However tempted you may be to retaliate, try not to because revenge is a negative pursuit  
No rose is without a thorn Nothing on earth is perfect  
No time like the present Now is the best time to do something  
Nothing comes free Unfortunately, everything in life has a price attached to it  
Nothing succeeds like success When a person starts being successful, he is likely to continue being successful  
Nothing ventured, nothing gained One must take risks in order to succeed at anything