A house divided against itself cannot stand Discord breaks up families.
A hungry man is an angry man
 A person who does not get what he wants or needs is a frustrated person and will be easily provoked to rage.
The head and feet keep warm, the rest will take no harm If you take care of the important matters, everything else will fall into place
Habit is secondnature An act done repeatedly and often enough will sooner or later become a habit or second nature.
 Happy wife, happy life If you have a happy or good life partner, you will be happy and contented
Hard words break no bones Ignore insults as they cannot physically harm you, and will only harm you emotionally if you let them  
Haste makes waste Things that are done in a hurry are usually done sloppily, and may contain careless mistakes
Have an old head on young shoulders Youngsters who possess qualities of wisdom one would only expect to find in experienced older people.
Have eyes in the back of one's head An ability to know what is happening not within the scope of one's vision.
Half a loaf is better than none It's better to have or receive less than one desires than to have or receive nothing at all.
 He is rich who owes nothing A person who owes no one a debt is free of worry, and therefore, rich, in a sense    
He is the best general who makes the fewest mistakes A good leader rarely makes mistakes
He knows most who speaks last The one who waits to listen to what others have to say before speaking has a better understanding of a situation
He that goes a-borrowing, goes a -sorrowing Do not make borrowing a habit as you will suffer for it in the end
He that is master of himself, will soon be master of masters Self-discipline will help you achieve greatness
He that knows nothing, doubts nothing An ignorant person usually raises no questions because he is not aware that problems exist
He that plants thorns must never expect to gather roses If you do evil, do not expect good to come to you
He who dares, wins You can only win or succeed if you are willing to take risks
He who fails to prepare, prepares to fail lack of preparation will cause you to lose or fail
He who hesitates is lost You will lose opportunities if you are indecisive and not fast enough to grab them
He who knows does not speak. He who speaks does not know It is an ironic situation when someone who should speak up does not while the person who should not, does
He who likes borrowing dislikes paying People who tend to borrow often are usually slow in settling debts
He who lives too fast, goes to his grave too soon If you do not allow yourself to rest once in a while when you lead a fast-paced life, you will suffer from stress, burnt out and illness
He who sleeps forgets his hunger sleeping is a good way to forget you are hungry, especially when there is no food for you and you have no money to buy any
He who serves two masters must lie to one You cannot effectively or fully serve two people as your attention, loyalty, commitment etc. will be split between the two
He who stands for nothing will fall for everything A person with no principles or opinions of his own will tend to go along with anything anyone tells him, and can, therefore, be easily cheated
He who sups with the devil has need of a long spoon If you keep company with or work for dangerous or evil people, you will need to be very careful
He who pays the piper calls the tune The person who pays for something has the right to do as he wants.
He who will steal an egg will steal an ox A person who steals small things is likely to steal big things too
He laughs best who laughs last A person who does his best is the one who will get the greatest satisfaction in the end.
Health is better than wealth It is better to be healthy than rich, as without a healthy body you can do nothing, and cannot enjoy your wealth
Hide your light under a bushel Concealing your talents, skills or abilities
History repeats itself People tend to repeat mistakes made by others over the generations, not learning from them
History tends to repeat itself What has happened once is liable to happen again.
Hitch one's wagon to a star To Move forward in a way to improve your chances of achieving success.
Home is where the heart is No matter where you are, 'home' is where you feel most comfortable and content.
Honesty is the best policy Being honest is believed to be the best route to take.
Honey catches more flies than vinegar Use the right incentives to motivate people to do something
Hope for the best, expect the worst Never lose hope, but be prepared with an alternative if things do not go as planned
Hope is life To live is to always be hopeful
Hope is the last thing that we lose People are by nature hopeful, and must always be so because when we lose hope, we lose the will to live
Hope springs eternal Hope is something that never dies, and people should never lose hope
Hunger is the best spice When you are really hungry, everything tastes good, and you eat up everything placed in front of you