A cat may look at a king Anyone has the right to look at or speak to anyone else without having to worry about status, position, upbringing etc.
A chain is no stronger than its weakest link The success of a group or team depends on the full commitment of every member
A chicken and egg question A mysterious question which can't be answered
A closed mouth catches no flies It is better not to say anything than to say something that might get you into trouble
A constant guest is never welcome We are apt to grow to dislike friends who visit us too often
A contented mind is a perpetual feast Contentment of mind is the cause of lasting happiness.
The calm comes before the storm There is usually peace before disaster strikes
The child is father to the man Your experiences as a child mould you as an adult
The cure is worse than the disease Some solutions seem worse than the problem
The customer is always right The guiding principle of the service industry is that the customer must be satisfied, so never upset or contradict a customer
Catch not at the shadow and lose the substance We should not waste time on trivial aspects of a matter and neglect the essential matter itself.
Call a spade a spade If you say that someone calls a spade a spade, you mean that they speak frankly and directly, often about embarrassing or unpleasant subjects; an informal expression.
Charity begins at home A person's first obligation should be to help the member of his own family before he can begin thinking of talking about helping others.
Chance favors the prepared mind You should always be prepared to act so that when opportunities present themselves, you are ready to seize them
Cheapest is dearest
 Some items may save you money because they are cheap, but their quality may be poor, and this may cost you a lot of money in repairs and getting replacements later
Cleanliness is next to Godliness To be clean and tidy is just as important as being spiritually good and religious.
Catch as catch can To do anything or use any means to achieve an aim or reach a goal.
Children should be seen and not heard To stop a child from asking questions, talking, or making unnecessary noise.
Christmas comes but once each year An excuse to indulge in food and drink and spend money during the Christmas season
Clothes make the man The way you dress tells people something about you, and can influence their opinion of you
Comparisons are odious It is bad to compare people to one another
Confessed faults are half-mended When you own up to a fault, mistake or wrongdoing, you are halfway to changing into a better person
Courtesy costs nothing Politeness should be a way of life for everyone
Cowards die many deaths A coward is afraid of everything, and therefore, faces every problem or challenge with great fear
Crime does not pay However much you may earn or make as a criminal, a life of crime does not pay because the law will catch up with you eventually
Cross the stream where it is shallowest Don't make things difficult for yourself; always find the simplest means of achieving your objective.
Cry over spilled milk It's pointless to get upset or feel regret about a loss or mistake that can't be undone
Curiosity killed the cat To warn people not to show too much interest in affairs that don't concern them.
Curses are like chickens, they come home to roost Curses you place on others may find their fulfillment in you, so it is best not to curse anyone
Cut off your nose to spite your face When people are dissatisfied or angry, they sometimes react by doing foolish things that prove harmful to themselves.
Cut your coat according to your cloth Live within your income; don't be too ambitious in your plans