Mineral ElementsSourcesSignificanceEffects of deficiency.
Macro Elements
Calcium(Ca)#Milk, cereals, Cheese, Green Vegetables.Required for formation of teeth and Bones , blood clotting, function of nerves and musclesWeak theeth and bones ; retarded body growth.
Phosphorus(P)  Weak theeth and bones ; retarded body growth and physiology.
Sulphur(S)Many protiens of food.Component of many amino acids.Distributed protein metabolism.
Pottassium(K)Meat, milk, cereals,fruits and vegetables.Required for acid-base balance, water regulation nad function of nerevs..Low blood pressure, weak muscles; risk of paralysis..
Chlorine(Cl)Table saltRequired for acid base balance; component of gastric juice.Loss of appetite; muscles cramps
Magnesium(Mg)Cereals, green vegetables.Cofactor of many enzymes of glycolysis anda number of another metabolic reactions dependent upon ATPIrregularties of metabolism principally affecting nervous functions.
Iron(Fe)Meat, eggs , cereals, green vegetables.Component of haemoglobin and cytochromes.Anaemia, weakness and weak immunity.
Iodine(I)Milk, cheese, sea food, iodized saltimportant component of thyroxine hormoneGoitre, Cretinism
Micro Elements
Fluorine(F)Drinking water, tea , sea foodMaintence of bones and teeth.Weak theeth, larger amount causes motting of teeth.
Zinc(Zn)Cereals, Milk, eggs, meat, sea foodCofactor of digestive and many other enzymesRetarded growth, anaemia, rough skin, weak immunity and fertility
Copper(Cu)Meat, dry fruits , POds , Green vegetables, sea foodCofactor of cytochrome oxidase enzyme.Necessary for iron metabolism and development of blood vessels and connective tissuesAnaemia,weak blood vessels and connective tissues
Manganese(MN)Dry fruits, cereals,tea fruits and green vegetablesCofactor of some enzymes of urea synthesis and transfer of phosphate groupIrregular growth of bones, cartilages and connective tissues
Cobalt(Co)MIlk, cheese, meatImportant component of vitamin B12Anaemia
Selenium(SE)Meat, cereals, sea foodCofactor of many enzymes; assists vitamin EMuscular pain; weakness of cardiac muscles
Chromium(CR)Yeast, sea food, meat, some vegetablesImportant for catabolic metabolismIrregularities of catabolic meatbolism and ATP production
Molybdenum(MO)Cereals, pods, some vegetablesCofactor of some enzymesIrregular excreation of nitrogenous waste products
VitaminChemical NamePropertiesDeficiency disease
ARetinolGeneral health giving vitamin, can be stored liverNight blindness
B1ThiamineFor Growth, carbohydrate metabolism, functioning of heartBeri-Beri
B2RiboflavinFor Keeping skin and mouth healthyCheilosis
B5NiacinFor healthy skin, sound mental healthPellagra
B6PyridoxineProcessing of proteins and for nervous systemConvulsions in child
B12CynacobalaminRequired for formation and maturation of RBCsPernicious anaemia
CAscorbic AcidFor keeping teeth , gums and joints healthy .Gets destroyed on heatingScurvy
DCalciferolFor normal bones and teeth, can be stored in liverRickets
ETocopherolFor normal reproduction , removes scars and wrinclesSterility
KPhylloquinoneFor normal clotting of bloodHaemophilia