Word Definition
AblutomaniaMania for washing oneself
AboulomaniaPathological indecisiveness
AgromaniaIntense desire to be in open spaces
AnglomaniaCraze or obsession with England and the English
AnthomaniaObsession with flowers
AphrodisiomaniaAbnormal sexual interest
ArithmomaniaObsessive preoccupation with numbers
BalletomaniaAbnormal fondness for ballet
BibliomaniaCraze for books or reading
BruxomaniaCompulsion for grinding teeth
CacodemomaniaPathological belief that one is inhabited by an evil spirit
CatapedamaniaObsession with jumping from high places
ChinamaniaObsession with collecting china
ChoreomaniaDancing mania or frenzy
ClinomaniaExcessive desire to stay in bed
CopromaniaObsession with feces
DacnomaniaObsession with killing
DemonomaniaPathological belief that one is possessed by demons
DinomaniaMania for dancing
DipsomaniaAbnormal craving for alcohol
DiscomaniaObsession for disco music
DoramaniaObsession with owning furs
DoromaniaObsession with giving gifts
DrapetomaniaIntense desire to run away from home
DromomaniaCompulsive longing for travel
EcdemomaniaAbnormal compulsion for wandering
EgomaniaIrrational self-centered attitude or self-worship
EleutheromaniaManic desire for freedom
EmpleomaniaMania for holding public office
EnosimaniaPathological belief that one has sinned
EntheomaniaAbnormal belief that one is divinely inspired
EpomaniaCraze for writing epics
ErgasiomaniaExcessive desire to work; ergomania
ErgomaniaExcessive desire to work; workaholism
ErotomaniaAbnormally powerful sex drive
EtheromaniaCraving for ether
EthnomaniaObsessive devotion to one's own people
EulogomaniaObsessive craze for eulogies
FlagellomaniaAbnormal enthusiasm for flogging
FlorimaniaCraze for flowers
FrancomaniaCraze or obsession with France and the French
GallomaniaCraze or obsession with France and the French
GamomaniaObsession with issuing odd marriage proposals
GraecomaniaObsession with Greece and the Greeks
GraphomaniaObsession with writing
GynaecomaniaAbnormal sexual obsession with women
HabromaniaInsanity featuring cheerful delusions
HagiomaniaMania for sainthood
HellenomaniaObsession with Greece and the Greeks; Graecomania
HexametromaniaMania for writing in hexameter
HieromaniaPathological religious visions or delusions
HippomaniaObsession with horses
HydromaniaIrrational craving for water
HylomaniaExcessive tendency towards materialism
HypermaniaSevere mania
HypomaniaMinor mania
IconomaniaObsession with icons or portraits
IdolomaniaObsession or devotion to idols
InfomaniaExcessive devotion to accumulating facts
IslomaniaCraze or obsession for islands
ItalomaniaObsession with Italy or Italians
KleptomaniaIrrational predilection for stealing
LogomaniaPathological loquacity
LypemaniaExtreme pathological mournfulness
MacromaniaDelusion that objects are larger than natural size
MegalomaniaAbnormal tendency towards grand or grandiose behaviour
MelomaniaCraze for music
MethomaniaMorbid craving for alcohol
MetromaniaInsatiable desire for writing verse
MicromaniaPathological self-deprecation or belief that one is very small
MonomaniaAbnormal obsession with a single thought or idea
MorphinomaniaHabitual craving or desire for morphine
MusomaniaObsession with music
MythomaniaLying or exaggerating to an abnormal extent
NarcomaniaUncontrollable craving for narcotics
NecromaniaSexual obsession with dead bodies; necrophilia
NosomaniaDelusion of suffering from a disease
NostomaniaAbnormal desire to go back to familiar places
NymphomaniaExcessive or crazed sexual desire
OenomaniaObsession or craze for wine
OligomaniaObsession with a few thoughts or ideas
OniomaniaMania for making purchases
OnomamaniaMania for names
OnomatomaniaIrresistible desire to repeat certain words
OnychotillomaniaCompulsive picking at the fingernails
OpiomaniaCraving for opium
OpsomaniaAbnormal love for one kind of food
OrchidomaniaAbnormal obsession with orchids
ParousiamaniaObsession with the second coming of Christ
PathomaniaMoral insanity
PeotillomaniaAbnormal compulsion for pulling on the penis
PhagomaniaExcessive desire for food or eating
PhaneromaniaHabit of biting one’s nails
PharmacomaniaAbnormal obsession with trying drugs
PhonomaniaPathological tendency to murder
PhotomaniaPathological desire for light
PhyllomaniaExcessive or abnormal production of leaves
PhytomaniaObsession with collecting plants
PlanomaniaAbnormal desire to wander and disobey social norms
PlutomaniaMania for money
PolemomaniaMania for war
PoliticomaniaMania for politics
PolkamaniaCraze for polka dancing
PolymaniaMania affecting several different mental faculties
PoriomaniaAbnormal compulsion to wander
PornomaniaObsession with pornography
PotichomaniaCraze for imitating Oriental porcelain
PotomaniaAbnormal desire to drink alcohol
PseudomaniaIrrational predilection for lying
PteridomaniaPassion for ferns
PyromaniaCraze for starting fires
RhinotillexomaniaCompulsive nose picking
RinkomaniaObsession with skating
SatyromaniaAbnormally great male sexual desire; satyriasis
ScribbleomaniaObsession with scribbling
SebastomaniaReligious insanity
SitiomaniaMorbid aversion to food
SophomaniaDelusion that one is incredibly intelligent
SquandermaniaIrrational propensity for spending money wastefully
StampomaniaObsession with stamp-collecting
SyphilomaniaPathological belief that one is afflicted with syphilis
TechnomaniaCraze for technology
TeutomaniaObsession with Teutonic or German things
ThanatomaniaBelief that one has been affected by death magic, and resulting illness
TheatromaniaCraze for going to plays
TheomaniaBelief that one is a god
TimbromaniaCraze for stamp collecting
TomomaniaIrrational predilection for performing surgery
ToxicomaniaMorbid craving for poisons
TrichotillomaniaNeurosis where patient pulls out own hair
TulipomaniaObsession with tulips
TyphomaniaDelirious state resulting from typhus fever
TypomaniaCraze for printing one’s lucubrations
UranomaniaObsession with the idea of divinity
VerbomaniaCraze for words
XenomaniaInordinate attachment to foreign things
ZoomaniaInsane fondness for animals