absorptiometer: solubility of gases in liquids
accelerometer: acceleration or vibrations
acetimeter: strength of vinegar
acidimeter: concentration of acids
actinograph: calculate time of photographic exposure
actinometer: incident radiation
aerometer: weight or density of gas
aethrioscope: temperature variations due to sky conditions
alcoholometer: proportion of alcohol in solutions
alcovinometer: strength of wine
algometer: sensitivity to pain
alkalimeter: strength of alkalines
altimeter: altitude
ammeter: electrical current
anemograph: pressure and velocity of wind
anemometer: wind velocity
areometer: measuring specific gravity
arthroscope: examining interior of a joint
atmometer: evaporating capacity of air
audiometer: acuity of hearing
auriscope: examining the ear
auxanometer: growth of plants
auxometer: magnifying power
ballistocardiograph:detecting body movements caused by heartbeat
barograph: recording air pressure
barometer: air pressure
baroscope: weather-glass
bathymeter: recording contours of deep oceans
bathythermograph: recording water temperature as compared to depth
bolometer: radiant energy or infrared light
bronchoscope: examining the windpipe
calorimeter: absorbed or evolved heat
cardiograph: recording movements of the heart
cathetometer: short vertical distances
ceilometer: height of cloud ceiling above earth
ceraunograph: recording thunder and lightning
chlorometer: amount of chlorine in a solution
chromatograph: performing chromatographic separations
chromatoptometer:eyes' sensitivity to colour
chronograph: recording the moment of an event
chronometer: time
chronoscope: very short time intervals
clinometer:slopes and elevations
coercimeter: coercive force
colonoscope: viewing the colon
colorimeter: and determining color
colposcope: viewing the neck of the uterus
coronagraph: viewing the corona of the sun
coulombmeter: electric charge
coulometer: amount of substance released in electrolysis
craniometer: the skull
cratometer: power of magnification
crescograph: the growth of plants
cryometer: low temperatures
cryoscope: determining freezing points of substances
cyanometer: blueness of the sky or ocean
cyclograph: describing arcs of circles without compasses
cyclometer: revolutions of a wheel
cymograph: tracing the outline of mouldings
cymometer: frequency of electrical waves
cystoscope: examining the bladder
cytometer: counting cells
decelerometer: deceleration
declinometer: magnetic declination
dendrometer: trees
densimeter: closeness of grain of a substance
densitometer: optical or photographic density
diagometer: electrical conductivity
diagraph: enlarging or projecting drawings
diaphanometer: the transparency of air
dichroscope: examining crystals for dichroism
diffractometer: determining structure of crystal through light diffraction
dilatometer: expansion
dioptometer: focus or refraction of the eyes
dipleidoscope: moment when an object passes a meridian
diplograph: writing two lines of text at once
dosimeter: dose of radiation
dromometer: speed
drosometer: dew
durometer: hardness of substances
dynamograph: recording mechanical forces
dynamometer: mechanical force
ebullioscope: boiling point of liquids
effusiometer: comparing molecular weights of gases
eidograph: copying drawings
elatrometer: gaseous pressure
electrocardiograph: recording unusual electrical fluctuations of the heart
electrodynamometer: electrical current
electroencephalograph: the brain's electrical impulses
electrograph: recording electrical potential
electrometer: electrical potential
electromyograph: diagnosing neuromuscular disorders
electroretinograph: electrical activity in the retina
electroscope: detecting electrical charges in the body
ellipsograph: describing ellipses
encephalograph: recording brain images
endoscope: visualizing interior of a hollow organ
endosmometer: osmosis into a solution
epidiascope: projecting images of objects
episcope: projecting images of opaque objects
ergograph: and recording muscular work
ergometer: work performed
eriometer: very small diameters
eudiometer: air purity
evaporimeter: rate of evaporation
extensometer: deformation in object due to forces applied
fathometer: underwater depth using sound
fiberscope: instrument using fiberoptics to examine inaccessible areas
floriscope: inspecting flowers
flowmeter: properties of flowing liquids
fluorimeter: fluorescence
fluoroscope: x-rays to examine internal structure of opaque object
focimeter: focal length of a lens
galactometer: specific gravity of milk
galvanometer: electrical current
galvanoscope: detecting presence and direction of electric current
gasometer: holding and measuring gases
gastroscope: examining interior of the stomach
geothermometer: subterranean temperatures
goniometer: angles between faces
gradiometer: gradient of a physical quantity
gravimeter: variations in gravitational fields
gyrograph: counting a wheel's revolutions
haptometer: measuring sensitivity to touch
harmonograph: drawing curves representing vibrations
harmonometer: measuring harmonic relations of sounds
helicograph: drawing spirals on a plane
heliograph: intensity of sunlight
heliometer: apparent diameter of the sun
helioscope: observing sun without injury to the eyes
hemacytometer: counting blood cells
hippometer: height of horses
hodoscope: tracing paths of ionizing particles
hydrometer: specific gravity of liquids
hydroscope: viewing under water
hydrotimeter: water hardness
hyetograph: recording rainfall
hyetometer: rainfall
hyetometrograph: recording rainfall
hygrograph: recording variations in atmospheric humidity
hygrometer: air moisture
hygroscope: displaying changes in air humidity
hypsometer: height of trees through triangulation
iconometer: finding size of object by measuring its image
idiometer: motion of observer in relation to transit of the heavens
inclinometer: inclination to the horizontal of an axis
interferometer: analysing spectra of light
iriscope: exhibiting the prismatic colours
katathermometer: the cooling power of air
katharometer: changes in composition of gases
keratometer: curvature of the cornea
keraunograph: recording distant thunderstorms
kinetoscope: producing curves by combination of circular movements
konimeter: amount of dust in air
koniscope: dust in air
kymograph: recording fluid pressure
labidometer: size of the head of a fetus
lactometer: testing relative density of milk
lactoscope: purity or richness of milk
lanameter: quality of wool
laparoscope: viewing interior of peritoneal cavity
laryngoscope: examining interior of the larynx
leptometer: oil viscosity
loxodograph: device used to record ship's travels
lucimeter: light intensity
luxmeter: illumination
lysimeter: percolation of water through soil
magnetograph: recording measurements of magnetic fields
magnetometer: intensity of magnetic fields
manometer: pressure of a liquid or gas
marigraph: recording tide levels
mecometer: length
megameter: determining longitude by observing stars
megascope: projecting an enlarged image
mekometer: range-finder
meldometer: melting points of substances
meteorograph: variety of meteorological observations
methanometer: detecting presence of methane
microbarograph: recording minute changes in atmospheric pressure
microcalorimeter: tiny quantities of heat
micrograph:instrument used to write on a very small scale
micrometer: very small distances
micronometer: short periods of time
microscope: magnifying small objects
microseismograph: recording small or distant earthquakes
microseismometer: small or distant earthquakes
mileometer: recording distance travelled in miles
milliammeter: recording very small electrical currents
myograph: recording muscular contractions
myringoscope: viewing the eardrum
nephelometer: cloudiness
nephograph: photographing clouds
nephoscope: observing direction and velocity of clouds
nitrometer: nitrogen and its compounds
odograph: distance travelled
odometer: distance travelled
odontograph: obtaining curves for gear-teeth
oenometer: alcoholic strength of wine
ohmmeter: electrical resistance
oleometer: amount of oil in a substance
olfactometer:intensity of odour of a substance
ombrometer: rain-gauge
oncometer: change in size of internal organs
oncosimeter: variations in density of molten metal
ondograph: change in wave formations of electricity
oometer: eggs
opacimeter: opacity
opeidoscope: illustrating sound by means of light
ophthalmometer: the eye
ophthalmoscope: viewing the interior of the eye
opisometer: curved lines
opsiometer: testing vision
optometer: testing vision
orchidometer: the size of the testicles
oscillograph: recording alternating current wave forms
oscillometer: ship's rollings
oscilloscope: detecting electrical fluctuations
osmometer: osmotic pressure
otoscope: examining the ear
pachymeter: small thicknesses
pallograph: ship's vibration
pantochronometer: combined sundial and compass
pantograph: copying drawing to a different scale
passimeter: issuing automatic tickets
pedometer: distance travelled on foot
peirameter: resistance of road surfaces to wheel movement
pelvimeter: the pelvis
penetrometer: firmness or consistency of substances
permeameter: permeability
phacometer: lenses
phaometer: light intensity
pharmacometer: drugs
pharyngoscope: inspecting the pharynx
phonautograph: recording sound vibrations
phonendoscope: device which amplifies small sounds
phonometer: sound levels
phorometer: correct abnormalities in eye muscles
photometer: light intensity
photopolarimeter: intensity and polarization of reflected light
phototachometer: the speed of light
phototelegraph: transmitting drawings telegraphically
phthongometer: intensity of vowel sounds
piezometer: pressure or compressibility
pitchometer: angles of ship's propeller blades
planigraph: copying drawings at a different scale
planimeter: area of plane figures
platometer: area; planimeter
plegometer: the strength of a blow
plemyrameter: variations in water level
plethysmograph: change in body part size due to blood flow
pluviograph: self-registering rain gauge
pluviometer: rain-meter
pneometer: instrument that measures respiration
pneumatometer: quantity of air breathed
pneumograph: and recording respiration
polarimeter: polarised light
polariscope: detecting polarized light
polygraph: small changes in pulse and respiration
porometer: degree of porosity
poroscope: investigating porosity
potentiometer: electromotive forces
potometer: rate at which plants absorb water
prisoptometer: degree of astigmatism
proctoscope: examining the rectum
psophometer: audible interference of electrical current
psychograph: records spirit messages
psychrometer: air moisture or temperature
psychrometer: dryness of the atmosphere
pulsimeter: the pulse
pycnometer: specific gravity or density
pyknometer: specific gravities
pyranometer:solar radiation from the sky's whole hemisphere
pyrgeometer: radiation from earth
pyrheliometer: heating effect of sun
pyrometer: very high temperatures
pyroscope: intensity of radiant heat
qualimeter:penetrating power of X-ray beams
quantimeter:quantity of X-rays
quantometer: proportions of elements in metallic samples
rachiometer: the spine
radarscope: detecting radar signals
radiogoniometer: finding direction through radio signals
radiometeorograph: atmospheric conditions at high altitude
radiometer:  radiation energy
radioscope: viewing objects using X-rays
ratemeter: counting rate of electronic counters
recipiangle: old instrument with two arms used for measuring angles
reflectometer: reflectance of radiant energy
refractometer: refraction of light
respirometer: studying respiration
retinoscope: viewing the retina
rheometer: instrument that measures current
rhinoscope: examining the nose
rhythmometer: speed of rhythms
riometer: absorbed cosmic radio waves
rotameter: length of curved lines
rotameter:glass tube with free float for measuring liquid flow
saccharimeter: amount of sugar in a solution
salinometer: amount of salt in a solution
scintillometer: scintillation of star
scintilloscope: gamma rays emitted by a radioactive body
sclerometer: hardness
scoliometer: curvature
scotograph: writing without seeing
scotoscope: detecting objects in darkness
seismograph: recording earthquakes
seismometer: earthquake intensity
seismoscope: detecting earthquakes
selenoscope: viewing the moon
sensitometer: sensitivity of photographic material
sepometer: septic matter in the air
serimeter: testing quality of silk
shuftiscope: explore interior of dysentery case
siccimeter: liquid evaporation
sideroscope: detect presence of iron
sigmoidoscope: examining the interior of the rectum and sigmoid colon
sillometer: speed of ship
skiascope: eye's refraction from movement of shadows
snooperscope: viewing infrared radiation
solarimeter: solar radiation
sonograph: recording and analysing sound
spectrofluorimeter: and recording fluorescence spectra
spectrograph: viewing a spectrum
spectroheliograph: taking pictures of the sun
spectroheliokinematograph:camera for taking pictures of the sun
spectrohelioscope: viewing solar disc in light of a single wavelength
spectrometer:wavelengths of light of a spectrum
spectrophotometer: speed of different parts of light spectrum
spectroscope: forming spectra by dispersing rays of light
speedometer: velocity
spherometer: curvature
sphygmograph: recording pulse
sphygmomanometer: arterial blood pressure
sphygmometer: arterial blood pressure
sphygmoscope: making arterial pulsations visible
spinthariscope: visually detecting alpha particles
spirograph:movements of breathing
spirometer: lung capacity
stactometer: pipette with hollow bulb for counting drops
stadiometer: the length of a curved line
stagmometer: number of drops in volume of liquid
stalagmometer: surface tension by drops
statoscope: small changes in atmospheric pressure
stauroscope: studying structure of crystals with polarised light
stenometer: distances
stereometer: specific gravity
stereoscope: viewing special three-dimensional photographs
stethometer: chest expansion during breathing
stethoscope: detecting sounds produced by the body
strabismometer: degree of squinting
strabometer: strabismus in the eyes
stroboscope: studying motion using flashes of light
stylometer: columns
swingometer: swing in votes during an election
sympiesometer: pressure of a current
synchroscope: detecting whether two moving parts are synchronized
tacheometer: rapidly measuring survey points on a map
tachistoscope: rapidly showing images on a screen to test perception
tachograph: recording speed of rotation
tachometer: speed of rotation
taseometer: stress in a structure
tasimeter: changes in pressure
taximeter: fee for hired vehicle
telemeter: strain or distance from observer
telescope: viewing objects at great distances
telespectroscope: analysing radiation omitted by distant bodies
telestereoscope: viewing distant objects stereoscopically
tellurometer: microwaves to measure distance
tenderometer: tenderness of fruits and vegetables
tensimeter: vapour pressure
tensiometer: tension
thalassometer: tides
thermograph: recording changes in temperature
thermometer: temperature
thermometrograph: recording changes in temperature
thermoscope: change in temperature
thoracoscope: viewing the thorax and chest wall
tiltmeter: tilting of earth's surface
tocodynamometer: uterine contractions during childbirth
tomograph: viewing section of an object using X-rays
tonometer: pitch of musical tones
topophone: direction and distance of a fog-horn
torsiograph: recording torsional vibrations on an object
transmissometer: transmission of light through a fluid
trechometer: determining distance travelled; odometer
tremograph: recording involuntary muscular motion
tribometer: friction
trigonometer: solving triangles
trocheameter: counting wheel's revolutions
tromometer: slight earthquake shocks
tropometer: measuring rotation
turbidimeter: turbidity of liquids
turgometer: turgidity
typhlograph: to help the blind write clearly
udometer: rainfall
ultramicroscope: viewing extremely small objects
urethroscope: viewing the interior of the urethra
urinometer: specific gravity of urine
vaporimeter: vapour pressure
variometer: magnetic declination
velocimeter: velocity
velometer: speed of air
viameter: revolutions of a wheel
vibrograph: recording vibrations
vibrometer: vibrations
viscometer: viscosity
visometer: focal length of the eye
voltameter: electrical current indirectly
voltmeter: electrical potential
volumenometer: volume of a solid
volumeter: volume of a liquid or gas
wattmeter: electrical power
wavemeter: wavelengths
weatherometer: weather-resisting properties of paint
xanthometer: colour of sea or lake water
xylometer: specific gravity of wood
zymometer: fermentation
zymosimeter: fermentation