Sharing a net connection between two laptops

The wireless way

If you're using a laptop, you may at some point feel the need to create a quick network connection between two computers or laptops to share some files. Or maybe you may just want to share an internet connection. For this very eventuality, Windows 7 and Vista come with a build-in feature to create a quick ad hoc wireless network connection. What this means for you is that you can connect directly with another computer or laptop without the need of a router.
1.    Open the Windows Control Panel, and then click "Network and Internet".
2.    The Network and Internet window will appear. Now click on "Network and Sharing Center".
3.    The Network and Sharing Center window will appear. Click "Set up a New Connection or Network".
4.    The "Set Up a Connection or Network" dialog box will appear. From the list, select "Set Up A Wireless Ad Hoc (Computer-To-Computer) Network" option and click "Next".
5.    Click "Next" a gain and it will ask you to type a Network name and select the Security settings as shown in the screenshot alongside.
6.    Make sure you select a good password. If you don't know which security type to select, click on "Help Me Choose" link next to it. The default security type is WPA2-Personal. The security key is case-sensitive and 8-63 alphanumeric characters. You can optionally select the check boxes to hide characters for your security key and save this network for future use.
7.    After you're done, click "Next", your ad hoc network will become ready for use! A confirmation page shows your ad hoc network settings.
          Now in the "Network And Sharing Center" you can choose what to share as you can see from the screenshot alongside.
In order to Share an Internet Connection, click "View Status" next to the connection that you want to share. Now click on the Properties button which. You will find under Activity. Click on the Sharing tab and tick the checkbox where it says “Allow Other Network Computers To Connect Through This Computer's Internet Connection". Under Home Networking Connection select "Wireless network Connection" and click "OK".
You'll see your connection listed under Wireless Network Connection on the other computer. Simply connect from there and you're done sharing the internet connection.
The LAN way

We've already seen how to create a quick ad-hoc wireless connection between two computers. However, not everybody has a wireless card installed in their computers. So now we'll show you how to create a local area network (LAN) connection between two computers.
1.    First of all, you need to go out and buy the straight patch Ethernet LAN cable (make sure that "patch" or "crossover" is written on the cord) and connect them to both computers.
2.    Go to "Network and Sharing Center" through the Control Panel, just the way we did while setting up the wireless connection.
3.    Select "Network Connection" and right-click Local Area Network connection and select "Properties" Now select "Internet Protocol Version 4(TCP/IPv4)" and click "Properties".
4.    Now once you're inside the TCP/ IP properties of your computer, click "Use the following IP" and enter as IP address and as subnet mask. Leave the other details blank and click "OK".
5.    Now go to TCP/IP properties of the second computer and enter the same details except the IP address, which should be and click "OK".
6.    Voila! Now the networks are ready. You might need to restart both computers in some cases.
          If you're looking to share the Internet Connection between two computers, go to Local Area Network properties again and click on the Sharing tab. Here you can select "enable internet connection sharing".
          To share files and folders between the two computers, go to the properties of that file/ folder and select Sharing tab. Click "Share" to being sharing it on the network.
Sharing a net connection between a laptop and a phone

Want to send a lengthy email but don't want to type it on your phone? If you have an Android phone and a laptop, you can use your phone's internet connect on your laptop in a few simple steps.
          You can share your mobile internet connection with a PC via a USB cable or via Bluetooth (USB tethering or Bluetooth tethering). You can turn your mobile or tablet into a Wi-Fi hotspot and share your connection with up to eight devices at once. Let's see how to tether using these different connections.

If you're running Windows 7 or any recent distribution of Linux, you can tether your computer in a matter of minutes. However, if you have an older version of Windows, you need to prepare your computer to establish a network connection via USB.
1.    Connect your mobile to your laptop/PC with the USB cable provided with the mobile and open Settings.
2.    Select "Wireless and network".
3.    Choose "Tethering and portable hotspot".
4.    Check "USB tethering". Your phone is now sharing its internet connection with your laptop. You'll see an ongoing notification on the left of your notification bar.
5.    To stop sharing, uncheck "USB tethering" or simply disconnect the USB cable.
Creating a portable Wi-Fi hotspot

If you have multiple users who want to use the internet at the same time, you can use your mobile as a Wi-Fi hotspot and connect to eight devices.
1.    Go to Settings.
2.    Touch Wireless & networks > Tethering & portable hotspot and check the "Portable Wi-Fi hotspot".
3.    You’ll see a non going notification on the left of the notification bar. To disconnect, uncheck "Portable Wi-Fi hotspot".
To configure your Wi-Fi settings open Settings.
1.    Touch Wireless & networks. > Tethering & portable hotspot. You can configure the Wi-Fi Settings only if the Portable Wi-Fi hotspot is checked.
2.    Touch "Portable Wi-Fi hotspot settings".
3.    Touch "Configure Wi-Fi hotspot".
After the Configure Wi-Fi hotspot dialog box opens, you can change the network name (SSID) that other computers see when scanning for Wi-Fi networks. Secure the network with Wi-Fi Protected Access 2 (WPA2) security with a pre-shared key (PSK) and enter your desired password. Touch "Save" to save and exit.
Via Bluetooth

If your computer has Bluetooth, you can configure your tablet to share its network connection with your computer.
1.    To do this, you first need to pair your tablet with your computer.
2.    After this is done, you need to configure your computer to share its network connection via Bluetooth. You can do this by making your computer discoverable via Bluetooth and allowing incoming PAN connections. This process depends on the Bluetooth software you use; refer to its documentation for more details.
3.    Now, open Settings, touch Wireless & networks> Tethering & portable hotspot and check "Bluetooth tethering". You're now sharing your tablet's connection with your computer. To stop sharing, uncheck "Bluetooth tethering".
Although you can tether via Bluetooth, you should prefer tethering via Wi-Fi because it offers higher data transfer rate.